Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Evaluation Question 2. 

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

There are a number of social groups; social groups divide into two groups, these being: primary
and secondary groups.  Some primary groups being: 
  • families 
  • friends 
  • church members
  • play groups 
  • school classes 
  • secondary groups being:
  • neighbourhoods 
  • clubs
  • relationships 
Our media products represent particular social groups such as relationships with people, characters in the opening scenes have particular relationships with the other people this could be good or bad. Families are also represented to a slight degree in the opening scene as the character has to either talk or represent a family member in the opening scene which represents a particular social group. This is how some social groups are represented in our opening scene and identified. 

Evaluation Question 1.

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products.

Our media product can be compared to a variety of real opening sequences that have been produced in a professional way. The media products can only have a slight similarity; this is because the real media products have been produced in a professional way. This means that the professionals will have access to: professional cameras, tripods, dolly’s and other high-tech tools to film.

Our media product offers slow motions scenes, varies fonts and effects which have all been edited through final cut pro. This compares to the real product in a good form, this is because real media products such as the Fast & Furious opening scene. They have also used varies effects and transitions throughout their opening scene so this links to our opening scene. 

Real media products also have an opening before their opening scene; this is just the scene which offers the film title. Our media product has an opening which builds up to the actual scenes; this opening has the film title. Real media products also have transitions in-between their scenes which indicate the producer’s names, editor’s names, character names etc. 

Real media products also have music to fit in with their opening sequences, most real media products have permission to use copyright songs, this gives them a better quality music choice to fit in with the opening scene. Our opening scene does not have this luxury as we cannot use copyright songs. 

Filming techniques that we used in our opening sequence that worked well and why.... No. 2

we also used a technique called the a fade in or out shot. This technique is used to add variety to our opening sequence, when the camera starts off blurry then focuses on one person/object it give you a sense of mistery and then in picks out they detail you want to be the main point of the scene.

If the main focus of the scene is a person, then it gives that person/character a certain persona...
Filming techniques that we thought worked for our opening sequenece and why... No. 1

In our opening sequence we used alot of different filming techniques to make it interesting and unique....and most importantly to entertain the audience and keeping them engaged.

shot reverse shot, we used this technique to show a convostation, the camera angle goes from one persons point of view to the other. this technique is used to create a flowing convosation; it allows the audience to follow the convosation easily without thinking (doesnt confuse them) shot reverse shot is the best technique for a convosation because of its flowing nature.
Important Evaluation Questions:

6. Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

- From our filming sessions we have learn a lot of different techniques, which make a film interesting and unique. There are loads of different techniques that we used within our film, for example:

• Fade in / out shot
• Tracking
• Shot reverse shot
• 360 degree rule

  …and many more. We have learnt how to go from basic straight filming to making a film to a professional level, the preliminary tasks helped a lot with this as it acted as a guide line for our filming; we used it as a list we simply followed the list every time we needed a new filming technique.

Filming techniques have to be used when making a film; they add tension, drama and intensity. Without filming techniques films become boring and useless for the audience, films are made for one purpose…to entertain, and with a film that lacks drama there is no point in spending money producing a film that sends its audience to sleep.

Monday, 17 March 2014

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Locations : 

-places we are going to film

  • Salih's Garage/drive way
  • Harvey's Log Cabins 
  • Bromley police station