Wednesday, 23 October 2013

fast and the furious 6 opening scene

This is the opening scene to the fast and the furious 6, it is an overview of all the films, it shows scenes from each movie all in order to show the story. it is good because it allows people who haven't seen the films to 'catch up'. as a fan of the series of films, i find this opening scene to be very tense and exciting because its like building up all the films to a conclusion. it makes this film feel like the last one; the final chapter of the story. 

Jar Head opening scene

This is the opening scene to jarhead, it shows new recruits it follows one of the mens journey through the recruitment/training stage. it starts of with the drill sergeant intimidating him by talking about his father and trying to make him feel small by accusing him of being gay. this is the stage in the recruitment process where the new recruits learn to respect there senior officers, they have done the filming in as way that shows the new recruits point of view by following his journey. the scene ends by the new recruit losing his patients with the drill sergeant and answering him back this is when the drill sergeant smashes his head against a wall. The way they have filmed this opening scene is effective because it shows his different emotions and it allows you to understand  his frustration toward the drill sergeant.  

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Lord of war- the life of a bullet

This opening scene is from the lord of war, it shows 'the life of a bullet' it follows a bullet through all sort of situations. it starts off as the bullet is being made, then the camera follows the bullet through a sorting process. the camera follows the bullet as if it is the bullet (its point of view) the bullet; along with other bullets are shipped out to war. the first place it goes to is an army base, it looks like a ship. then gets into the hands of rebel, it is then shipped by the rebels and finally placed into one of the guns, it is then fired straight into a boy soldiers head. this opening scene is very powerful because it shows how brutal and un-humane war is.